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The singer Mint's biography is quite extensive - she is a musical talented performer with a unique voice, which, in fact, she manages to attract the attention of fans and loyal admirers.
And this is not all of its advantages. Mint singer writes her songs for fans with soul and trepidation, and therefore the audience and fans of the singer very warmly receive her on stage. The girl today enjoys tremendous popularity and demand, both among the youth modern movement and among people of a more advanced age.
Mint singer Wikipedia informs us that the most popular pop singer, innovative diva, known in the common people as Mint, was born in 1983 in Kiev, in the capital of Ukraine. After graduating from a boarding school in the class of musical bandura at the Lysenko Conservatory, the show business star decides to enter the Glier Music School. She, first of all, was interested in nothing more than pop vocal parts. It is noteworthy that at the same time period, another equally talented and popular singer of our days, the well-known Tina Karol, received higher education in this educational institution.
At the onset of the 90s, the performer is already listed as a member of a musical group called "Slider / Symbol", and in 2007, due to the fact that the "Disco Award" event was held, the public was able to discover the option of getting acquainted with "Mint", as with a new, bright solo performer.
If we consider her interesting non-standard stage name, the star herself definitely likes it. She talked with the producer for a long time, together they thought about what their project would be called. We looked through all the possible variations, including how you can call a cat, dog, plant, leafed through books. But as a result, the choice ended with the obvious name "Mint". Why is that? Because this plant is as individual as the singer considers herself to be.
It was not recently, today the performer is already perceived by many people, she is considered one of the pioneers of the domestic show business. Thanks to her abilities, she can please a huge number of fans. Throughout her existence as a singer, she has managed to record and present many music tracks, in fact, all of which have become truly iconic. Surely everyone at least once in their entire life has heard such famous singles as "Bomb" or "Naked Truth".
One out of ten people will definitely start humming a familiar melody after hearing familiar phrases. The hit parades constantly played these songs on all radio stations where it was possible.
The girl can be called an artist with a Capital Letter, whose musical works and poems were instantly at the peak of demand. She, indeed, on a par with real mint, spreads pleasant aromas everywhere, due to which listeners are intoxicated for a long time.
The singer feels happy, not only performing on stage, but she is also happy on the personal front, since she is a wife, she has a son.